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About Barcelona

Barcelona, located at the Mediterranean sea in the very north of the Spanish coast, is certainly the most cosmopolitan and economically active city in this country.

Capital of Catalonia, Mediterranean port, Olympic host, multicultural meeting place, culinary haven, thriving metropolis, modernist wonderland… Barcelona is all this and more. A unique destination that inspires the senses and lets imagination flow, an eye-catching city with a unique architectural legacy, a cosmopolitan town home for artists, fashion designers and musicians, Barcelona is a city with a strong energy and character. You will enjoy the walks around its different neighbourhoods, each of them offering a special flavour that makes of Barcelona a unique dish for the traveller!

It has always proved its will to be modern, to follow the latest international tendencies or be ahead of them. To the tourist this is evident specially in its architecture, which so well reflects the general approach to life in this always pulsating city.

Of course, Barcelona has an old history, and there are monuments of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance periods or still before, but most characteristic is what has been built during the last, say, 100 years.

Barcelona has been a center of Modernist architecture and is distinguished especially by the works of genial Antoní Gaudí, who together with his great contemporaries gave new and exciting looks to it, but has remained since then at the top of modernity.

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